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Scanning Services

  • Document Scanning >

    document scanning | scan documents

    Fast and reliable document scanning services for small to large organisations.

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  • Book Scanning >

    book scanning | scan books

    Scanning of Books, Magazine, Newspapers, Comics, old Manuscripts and Manuals.

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  • Survey Scanning >

    survey scanning | scan forms

    Scanning and data capture of surveys, forms, questionnaires to Excel, CSV, SPSS.

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  • Large Format Scanning >

    large format scanning | scan large format

    Scanning of drawings, plans, blue-prints and maps to TIFF, PDF, CAD, etc.

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  • Microfiche & Microfilm Scanning >

    microfiche scanning | scan microfiche | microfilm scanning

    Scanning of all types of microfilms and microfiche to PDF, TIFF, JPG, etc.

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  • Aperture Card Scanning >

    aperture card scanning | scan aperture card

    Scanning of drawings and plans held on Aperture Cards to TIFF, PDF, JPG.

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  • X-Ray Scanning >

    xray scanning | scan xray

    Scanning of medical, veterinarians and oil pipelines X-rays to DICOM, TIFF, JPG.

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  • Business Card Scanning >

    business card scanning

    Scanning of business cards, data capture and convertion to XLS, CSV, CRM formats.

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  • Slide, Photo and Negative Scanning >

    negative scanning | scan negatives

    Scanning of slides, negatives, photos, glass plates to digital image format.

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  • OCR Scanning & Conversion >

    ocr scanning

    OCR conversion of documents to Searchable PDF, DOC, XLM, CSV and HTML.

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  • CAD Drafting and Conversion >

    drawing CAD conversion

    Accurate, editable CAD conversion of drawings and plans to DWG, DXF and Auto-desk.

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  • Bulk Scanning >

    bulk document scanning

    Cater for high volumes projects, With the capacity to scan 15 million images p/month.

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  • Scan on Demand >

    scan on demand

    Integrated physical storage of documents and scanning only when you need them.

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Document Management

  • Document Storage >

    document storage | file storage

    Secure physical document and files storage from short to long term periods.

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  • Secure Document Shredding >

    document shredding | shred documents

    Secure Nationwide on and off-site, low to high volume shredding services.

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  • Digital Mailroom >

    outsource mail room

    Fast, reliable and secure mail room scanning - document management services.

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  • Scan to SharePoint >

    sharepoint document sharing

    Ms.Sharepoint based custom built document scanning and management solution.

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  • Document Management >

    document management

    Simple storage and archive of documents to advance document management solutions.

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  • Paperless Office >

    paperless office

    Quick, simple and cost effective solutions to implement a paperless office.

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  • Scan to e-Archive >

    e-archive scanning

    Scanning and conversion of physical archive to a structured electronic archive.

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  • Store to Scan >

    storage scanning

    Time-lapsed combined storage, scanning and Shredding solution for large volumes.

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  • Pearl Cloud >

    document cloud storage

    Fully hosted and managed Cloud based document storage and access service.

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  • Halogen >

    image retrieval software

    Open source, User friendly powerful digital document retrieval software.

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  • Purchase to pay >

    purchase invoice processing

    Automated scanning, processing and electronic approval of purchase invoices.

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  • PSI Capture >

    PSI software

    Automated scanning and data capture software for surveys, delivery notes and medical

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  • eBible >

    legal ebible

    Fast and cost effective e-Bible document creation services for the legal industry.

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Data Capture Service

  • Data Capture >

    data capture | survey data capture

    Capturing all types of data from computer printed and handwritten documents.

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  • Data Entry >

    data entry | capture data

    Accurate, reliable and fast semi-automated and manual data entry services.

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  • Data Transcription >

    audio capture | audio transcription

    Fast and accurate multilingual transcription service from any audio format.

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Document Scanning Solutions for your Industry and Sector

Pearl Scan Document Scanning Company


UK document scanning company, scan documents London, Manchester

Pearl Scan Solutions is a UK based Document Scanning Company, Document Management and Data Capture company. Pearl has been helping organisations facing document management challenges since 2003. Our experience and accreditations have help us grown into a leading UK document scanning company delivering the highest quality of scanning services for all types of documents, large format drawings, microfilm scanning, microfiche scanning, aperture card scanning, book scanning. Among our services we offer accurate data capture, data entry services for surveys and complete document management, document storage and document shredding solutions at a highly competitive price.

Our scanning bureau is located in Manchester and we have sales offices in London and Birmingham. We provide scanning services through England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the rest of Europe with the support from our fast and reliable collection service. Our document scanning hub have the install capacity to process 10 million images per month.




Scanning Documents Storage of Documents Capture Data
Scan Books, Scan Magazines, Scan Newspapers Secure Shredding of Document Data input
Scan Surveys, Scan Forms, Scan Tests Mailroom Digital Service Transcription of Data
Scan Large format Plans, Scan Blue Prints Microsoft SharePoint Scanning Service
Scan Microfilm, Scan Microfiche Document Management Solutions
Scan Aperture Cards Paperless Office Solutions
Scan X-Ray, Scan Pipeline X-Ray eArchive Scanning
Scan Business Cards Document Store and Scan
Scan Negatives, Scan Photos, Scan Slides Document Cloud Storage - Pearl Cloud
OCR Document Processing Halogen Document Retrieval Software
Drafting Drawings to CAD Electronic Processing of Purchases
Scan Bulk Document Archive PSI Capture Software
On Demand Scanning eBible Law Document Service

We can scan documents, scan books, scan surveys, scan microfiche, scan microfilm, scan aperture cards, scan X-Ray, scan business cards, scan negatives, scan slides, scan photos and bulk scanning. Among other services we offer data capture, data entry, data transcription, document storage, secure shredding, document management software, cloud storage and many other document management services. We utilize the latest scanner technology such as flatbed scanner, film scanner, book scanner and feed scanner. Find out how Pearl Scan can help your company with document scanning, book scanning, survey scanning, microfiche scanning, microfilm scanning, aperture card scanning and business card scanning. Read more about the UK's document scanning company.